Sarens is specialized in crane rental and engineering projects involving lifting and moving loads of exceptional sizes and weights.

They offer a fantastic range of company liveried models that have a huge fan base worldwide.
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IMC Sarens Gottwald AK 680-3 Crane*

Item Number: 20-1077, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer: IMC

Conrad Sarens Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1 Mobile Crane
Conrad Sarens Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1 Mobile Crane, Item Number: 20-1076
Sarens Manitowoc 4100W Classic Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
Item Number: 20-1065, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer : Weiss Brothers
IMC Sarens Mercedes Benz Arocs Streamspace 6X4
IMC Sarens Mercedes Benz Arocs Streamspace 6X4, Item Number: 20-1062