Mammoet is a privately held Dutch company specializing in the hoisting and transporting of heavy objects.

They offer a fantastic range of company liveried models that have a huge fan base worldwide. 
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Tekno Mammoet Van Seumeren Ford Transcontinental & Container (Pre Order)
Item Number: 410298_000, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer: Tekno
WSI Mammoet DAF 3300 6x4 with 3 axle flat classic trailer + 2× 20ft containers Pre Order)
Item Number: 410303_000, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer: WSI
Conrad Mammoet LTM 1060/2 Mobile Crane
Conrad Mammoet LTM 1060/2 Mobile Crane, Item Number: 110097
Drake Mammoet Kenworth C509 Prime Mover
Item Number: 410304, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer: Drake
IMC Mammoet MB SK 3550 8X4 Heavy Haulage Unit
Item Number: 410265_000, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer: IMC
WSI Mammoet Volvo FH4 Globetrotter 6x2 with 2 Axle Euro Lowloader  
WSI Mammoet Volvo FH4 Globetrotter 6X2 with 2 Axle Euro Lowloader , Item Number: 410267