IMC Tadano CC 2800-1 Crawler Crane Legacy Model (Pre Order)

Product Code: 80-1029
IMC Tadano CC 2800-1 Crawler Crane Legacy Model,Item Number: 80-1029 (Pre Order)
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IMC Tadano CC 2800-1 Crawler Crane Legacy Model (Pre Order)

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Item Number: 80-1029

Scale: 1: 50


This extremely versatile crane of the Tadano lattice boom crawler product range offers top in-its-class performance for infrastructure projects from roads and bridges to wind turbine erecting and refinery work. The heroic 600 tonner has been in service for over 20 years and to this day continues to help industry giants such as Mammoet perform the toughest jobs.

The model offers customers an impressive 13 different configurations, from SH to SWSL boom combinations. This can be increased even further to 18 configurations with the CC 2800-1 Extension Set, increasing both the original 54 m main boom and the 42 m jib to 96 m.

Besides the main boom and jib, each model features the SL ballast tray, a telescopic stinger, additional heavy outriggers, a large 600t hook and, to showcase its wind applications, a unique windmill hook and LF windmill jib. Besides this large range of buildups, a realistic transport breakdown is also included with numerous detachable parts.


  • Type: Crane
  • Brand: IMC
  • Product Code: 80-1029