IMC Doosan DL420 Wheel Loader

Product Code: 99-10101
IMC Doosan DL420 Wheel Loader, Item Number: 99-10101
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IMC Doosan DL420 Wheel Loader

Item Number: 99-10101

Scale: 1:50

Product description

This highly detailed model has foldable mudguards, articulated features, and a wide bucket connected to the end of two booms that can maneuver into all realistic positions.

A unique feature of this model is that you can see the engine.

The cabin and the interior of the wheel loader are decorated with small tampon prints.

The Doosan DL 420-7 has a fresh look with a brand new spacious, ergonomic cabin and innovative functions, which result in higher productivity, better controllability and more comfort for the machinist.

Next to this, the wheel loader has a new design that results in higher performance and lower fuel consumption.


  • Type: Construction
  • Brand: IMC
  • Product Code: 99-10101