IMC Bridge Section with Lifting Frames

Product Code: 33-0147
IMC Bridge Section with Lifting Frames, Item Number: 33-0147
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IMC Bridge Section with Lifting Frames

Item Number: 33-0147

Scale: 1:50

Product description

We proudly announce a unique new heavy haulage and lifting load; the Bridge Section. With a length of more than 50 centimeters, this impressive model is one of the largest loads we made to date. The bridge section will be manufactured with a combination of resin, concrete and etch plating for the finest details such as the wooden frames on top. The concrete will give the model some weight and the resin body will receive a weathered look to match the real thing.

The load can be positioned on transport on our SPMT's for example. It's also equipped with frames to lift it in large cranes like our Demag AC 700-9


  • Type: Crane
  • Brand: IMC
  • Product Code: 33-0147