IMC Demag AC 650 Mobile Crane Mammoet (Pre Order)

Product Code: 410289_000

Item Number: 410289_000, Scale: 1:50, Manufacturer: IMC

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IMC  Demag  AC 650 Mobile Crane Mammoet (Pre Order)

Availability: July 2024

Item Number: 410289_000

Scale: 1:50

Manufacturer: IMC

IMC AC650 Manual

Product description

A completely new tooling set has been developed for the Mammoet Demag AC 650.

Thus, the main boom is completely unique and the boom head has also been completely redesigned.

With this new boom, we have also made the degree angle of the main boom more realistic, which is sure to please even the most scrutinising collectors.

The SL system has been completely redesigned after the real Demag AC 650. Furthermore, a beautiful undercarriage cab has been developed with the well-known curve in the windscreen.

Mammoet had 3 Demag AC 650 cranes in the past.

The collectible of the Mammoet Demag AC 650 is made by IMC Models in scale 1:50, with Mammoet packaging and certificate.


  • Type: Crane
  • Brand: IMC
  • Product Code: 410289_000