Conrad Mammoet CC 8800 Boom Booster (Pre Order)

Product Code: 410259_000 
Conrad Mammoet CC 8800 Boom Booster, Product no: 410259_000  (Pre Order)
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Conrad Mammoet CC 8800 Boom Booster

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Scale 1:50

Manufacturer: Conrad

Mammoet packaging

Multiple configurations possible to make with this model, see examples at the pictures of the base model and the model with jib, which can be replicated with this Mammoet collectible.

The complete model including Boom Booster boom parts.

Scheduled delivery: September 2020

Price is approximate, the equivalent of €1199.00 Euros

Product no: 410259_000 


  • Type: Crane
  • Brand: Conrad
  • Product Code: 410259_000