(Pre Order) Conrad Grove GMK 6300 L Mobile Crane Sarens

Product Code: 2114/05
(Pre Order) Conrad Grove GMK 6300 L Mobile Crane  Sarens, Item Number: 2114/05
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(Pre Order) Conrad Grove GMK 6300 L Mobile Crane  Sarens

Scale: 1:50

Item Number: 2114/05

This mighty scale model is scheduled to be available in July 2018, Please drop us an email or give us a ring to reserve yours now!

There is a limited supply of just 300 models, so make sure to pre-order in time to not miss out!

Functional steering
Movable cabin 
Separate ballast plates
Including lattice jib
Max height with lattice jib reaches 210 cm

We are proud to announce the production of a six axle mobile telescoping crane scale model, in collaboration with model manufacturer Conrad GmbH.

The Grove CMK 6300 L has a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tonnes. It features a 80m main boom, and a total counterweight of 92.5 tonnes. This popular and impressive crane is now being produced as a die-cast scale model for Sarens Shop. The model comes in a Sarens-branded custom-made packaging, along with an uniquely numbered certificate and a detailed build manual.


  • Type: Crane
  • Brand: Conrad